David Gilmour Guitar Sound

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The 57 reissue featured vintage style vintage single coil pickups shifted loosely based on the tone 1954-1957. David is seen with the red Strat and it’s original pickups on some photo shoots about-face, but it seems that he never used the guitar on stage until its performance h Your with the band Bryan Ferry at Live Aid in July 1985. Now he had equipped guitar with active EMG pickups. These are now branded as DG20, but they are actually one of the first single released in 1979. coils EMG EMG feature serve the old EXP boost the bass and treble and controller of the CPS boost midrange for humbuckerish tone. Both control Replaces the tone controls. The pickups are still red and cream 1983 David ’57 reissue Strats. David is also seen playing a red Strat with original pickups during Barn jams recorded in early 2007 (mixing studio images of the room). It is not known if any of the 1983 original guitar now refurbished with original pickups.

Although David prefer the ’57 reissue cream at first, red candy apple soon became his main Strat during the early stage of the Momentary Lapse of Reason tour in 1987. It was used for the rest the tour that ended in 1990 and was again used in the Bell division (album and tour) in 1994. During the latter part of 1980 and throughout the 90 David made many appearances with other artists and groups both on stage and albums and red Strat always accompanied him being a very versatile guitar with EMG pickups. The guitar was also featured on solo album in 2006 (on a Le) and the visit of David, although now the old black Strat had returned and recovered the preferred ax position of David. at the end of the tour the red was used only for Shine On You Crazy Diamond.

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