David Gilmour Guitar Tech

We were asked to complete a new effect system for David Gilmour Guitar Tech solo performances and appearances to design with bands such as Pink Floyd. His wish was that the sound is exactly the same as if they hrenverst right in their R Rker (original Fender tweed or new editions and Hi-Watt 50W Combo etc.) plugged We decided to load the large en Influence eliminate causal chain preamp R hear unit does not win by having identical characteristics to the ground ampere input, the guitar input stage and also as insulators between the effects. We have designed and built a stereo subway line driver, lengthier cable effects send signals to amplifiers without signal loss or Change of tone. After extensive testing the effects David chose the following list to include:

Boss CS-2; Pete Cornish G-2 Fuzz; EH Big Muff; Pete Cornish Soft Sustain-2; Metro riders Chandler; Pete Cornish tape echo simulator; Pete Cornish custom stereo chorus using a modified Boss CE-2.

next Incorporating a specially designed and built u R hear precursor Between the effect and the n To ensure that every effect as if it directly More strongly connected to the amplifier and the interaction and loading completely Constantly eliminates cross concerns a number of set-ups effects that are normally used, without intermediate isolation.

In order to eliminate the M Possibility of microphonic feedback or problems when the system is used on a stage with loud bass and drums, we have u Rohraufh Ngung method that the tubes mechanically decoupled from the permit to be designed main business ft of the board. Ten R hear Were necessary, and we used decorative double triode, all who put in the class A preamplifier Stronger isolation and pilots.

We have decided to four floating isolated outputs Nge (two per stereo channel) offer, so that the structure of the preferred amp David two Hi-Watt placed 50W combo on the floor with two issues on Fender Bassman top of the Hi- Watt k might without ground loop hums be used. The sonic result of this combination is very extensive as Hi-Watt, if the low frequency sound basis and threshing smooth overtones ne.

For R ume Or just a single song as a guest David uses a single Fender Tweed Twin or Deluxe Tweed Amp. The shaped full Hre Effects system can be used in mono and stereo mode and for each type Show is fully flexible. 

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