David Gilmour Guitar Tone Fender

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Videos sessions in 1993 reveals a complex configuration consists of a stereo deck and a large collection of pedal amp, including the reuse of several old Pete Cornish boards. Sessions marks a clear return of classic tones of the time WYWH-wall in particular. The Endless River consist mainly recorded at the beginning of the process of writing what would later finished as Division Bell material. David tones are mostly on the side softer and often experimental. Far from any platform on the album, but it gives a single peak of what was happening in the studio.

Recent pictures also show a lot of new studio David Medina, located in Hove, UK registration. The studio is packed with gear and most unusual for David part. Although much of the river heard endless guitars were recorded here in 2013 and early 2014, it is not documented what it used to report these sessions. So I left c side much of the equipment and concentrate on what we can confirm with certainty.Amps and effects used by David Gilmour on the new Pink Floyd album The Endless River. Stretching all the way back in early 1993, the guide covers all sessions of Britannia Row, Astoria and the Olympic Studio until the recent work included in the new studio of David Medina. 

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