David Gilmour Guitarre

If you want to build a custom style Gilmour Black Strat and are looking for a set of complete pickguard authentic replica is about finding …

We are proud to be able to provide you with a set of black pickguard Strat that is au OUTSIDE of the most authentic of the Fender Custom Shop. Train to train, you will not find a number of Gilmour Black Strat Style pick guard as authentic as n Be everywhere. & Nbsp; There are a number of “look alikes” out there, but none of this project pursued as diligently as we need to ensure that you get a replica as close to the original as n Sci.

Take the time to look at our detailed information, descriptions and characteristics we see described below and you will quickly find the attention to detail we have taken with all aspects of the project to deliver an authentic replica of the black pick guard understand assembly Strat you proud to own. Shown

In a photograph complete guitar is for illustrative purposes only and shows our complete set of black pick guard Strat as in the guitars We installed the Seymour Duncan Custom Shop Scatter manual winding SSL 1C DG original collection and we also have  a unique version of the SSL 1C DG van in reverse polarity t version (RP) that you two positions Hum pickup selector cancellation functions when the bridge and middle pickups Selected are hlt or when all the bridges and neck pickups are Selected jointly by the built-in mini-toggle switch hlt , With SSL 1C DG RP (reverse polarity) there is no difference in tone, power, harmonics or maintain only a hum-canceling modern improvement on the original SSL 1C DG pickup.The Black Strat spent the years 1983-1993 in accordance shows at various locations Hard Rock Cafe. If Gilmour took possession again in 93, is equipped with a collar ’57 Fender Strat Vintage Reissue inserted the style on the neck Gilmour Signature Strat. When the guitar reaches a comeback on stage at the Live 8 Pink Floyd reunion show, interest in Pink Floyd and Black Strat a new level and Fender went to work reproducing the historical instrument that the signing of David Gilmour Strat. 

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