David Gilmore Guitars Red Deer


I am of Radville, Saskatchewan, Canada. After 18 years of growth at the farm, I hi-tailed in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, on WABC Radio entered school. I got my first job “in the air” on 11 January 1981.I began a radio career that spans 30 years old and covers all four western provinces. & Nbsp; In this period of 30 years, I have never had the guitar down; I spent some time on the road to play in bars in Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitiba. & Nbsp; Moreover, in this time I have many of my musical heroes. & Nbsp; There is a “Wall of Fame” of the store, with photos of me with several artists.

I started building guitars in 1995 & nbsp; My wife, Adrienne, & nbsp; graciously allowed me to visit a 10-week course at Timeless Instruments. There, under the direction of David Freeman, I again U my training and certificate in violin. This course was only the beginning of a journey that always ge opens happening.I “Gilmore Guitars” is a full-time May 1, 2011 & nbsp; I tte at a time when I did not do it now I h Never would.So we are here. & Nbsp; When my violin training continues, I will add to this page. As you know, it’s a never ending story.

4 hours pon lacing and water yesterday grain by hand. Ras floor and frets freboard this morning. Now I have a bridge fab and stuck. I hope I have put in place to bring with me to collect money Board of Deer Art on Saturday night. 

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