David Gilmour Strat History


If you want a documented history of Rock’s most famous guitar then this is the book for you. However, I would not get it in Kindle format like I did. Get the real book so that you can use it as a marked reference instead of having to search all over your Kindle for whatever tidbit you are looking for. In addition, the drawings and spec sheets are difficult to view on the Kindle.

My first guitar was an electric guitar which I think I got in 7th grade. I kept it until I went away to college and then didn’t pick up a guitar again until decades later. That guitar was a piece of junk and a cheapie imitation of a Stratocaster, but it was the guitar that I first took lessons on, and is the guitar that I envisioned myself playing on rooftops all over Los Angeles with a couple of my childhood friends as throngs of Angelenos cheered us on. In reality, however, I was a horrible student, kept my instructor waiting, didn’t practice, etc., so my instructor quit on me.

Stratocasters, and Fenders in general, are trashed during the years the company was owned by CBS. Hence there is a cult following for pre-CBS Fenders. However, the book shows that Fender didn’t really become all that famous until these infamous CBS years. Those are the years when players like Jimi Hendrix, spawn of Yardbirds like Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, and other rockers started advertising their play of CBS produced Strats. Nevertheless, CBS did do some pretty stupid things with the Fenders. I think the anti-CBS culture is more of an anti-corporation pyschosis. After all, the CBS years were also the years of the hippies and other anti-establishment wackoism. The book also included some history of the Telecaster, which I think is really the unsung hero of the Fender product line.

Not sure I will ever get an electric guitar again but over the last few years I have picked up the guitar this time concentrating on Spanish Classical and Flamenco, hence nylon string acoustic guitars. However, if I ever want to enact those rooftop playing dreams of my youth, I guess I will just have to buy a Fender.

This was a good book for the history sake of it. I recommend it, but not in Kindle format.

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