David Gilmour Strat Humbucker

The Rosewood Neck Fender in 1963 was replaced by a custom Grover Jackson / Charvel custom maple neck with a Fender logo. The rosewood handle was back on the sunburst Strat and a new mini-pickup still today.a in this Strat wounds bridge Seymour Duncan pick SSL1C DiMarzio FS-1 has also been added, equipped replaced. The pick-up is used for the first of The Wall tour in 1980 and remains in the Strat today. The SSL1C the Preferences Shore of the current original Fender tremolo system SSL5.The is replaced by a Kahler tremolo with locking tuners. His Gr e requires that a piece of K had to be removed rpers. The new tremolo system was first used recordings in the fall of 1983 at About Face and was also featured on the following 1984 tour.

The Black Strat Hard Rock Cafe, where it is exposed at a restaurant in Dallas, Texas for over a decade given. At the request of guitar David and Phil May 1997 sent, albeit in a very poor state of wear and missing equipment.

Charlie Chandler guitar technician converted the original Fender tremolo and filled the whole Kahler system. A new edition maple neck replaced the ’57 Strat Charvel.The Black made his triumphant return to the last meeting of Pink Floyd at Live 8 July 2005 2. The measures guitar still reissue ’57 neck of without the label “the original Konturk Body” on doll. When he have faith, David for the first time was the red Strat with EMG pickups for samples, but Phil Taylor he would try the Black Strat. This was the beginning of the second period, the Th Fender signature models and the book by Phil brought the guitar sp.

The guitar has a lot of features that have been made in recent years to the sound quality t as m possible to improve and eliminate as much L rm РThe floor is rewired to cover the shield and copper foil to improve the back of the pick guard  The Volume correction and tone knob is connected directly to the output jack to reduce bad connections 

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