David gilmour strat humbuckers

In May, 1970, as Floyd at home in the UK Pink after the installation was w throughout their North American tour, David Manny visit to New York, United States stolen and bought the Black Strat 0.1970 June The Black Strat his debut appearance at the Bath Festival in Great Britain further 200,000 people.

October 1971 The Black Strat is featured on the legendary ren concert film of Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii. The original Volume Rke button is replaced with a silver button Telecaster style with an elastic band for easy action. This was right after shooting in Pompeii, taken to install a small continuity Tsfehler w During the “night” pictures in Paris, France filmed in December 1971.David a hole in the side of the Strat conducted an XLR input, eliminate L rm Fuzz Face. He quickly pulled the plug a little sp Ter and filled with all wood and painted black. Also at that time the shares F-tuner with Kluson tuners for better Ma were adopted Replaced.

In the first months of 1972, David Money Related switch on the power switch retrofitted zurückLautSt RkeRegler on guitar and installed a mini pickup A. Since the Volume keregler and the switch was super made in the spring. The original maple neck with a rosewood neck Fender 1963 replaces away a sunburst 1959 (K Body) Strat David since mid 1970. The black maple neck Strat was now on the Sunburst Strat mounted on / off had used. Presented to the rosewood handle on Dark Side of the Moon WYWH, Animal and 1978 solo album by David (all albums and tours) .

The Black Strat Gibson PAF humbucker has a that is placed between the bridge and middle pickups. Much of the K Rperh cave dug and the origin is replaced by a custom pickguard SSHS model (the original was ge or Changed). Set mini pickup selector now off / humbucker.David installed a micro DiMarzio FS-1 bridge with black lid. The pick-up is (album and tour) 1978 solo album and advertising live clips of David and the wall (Album only) marked on animals.

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