David Gilmour Jazz Guitar

Jazz guitarist David Gilmore has certainly around the block. He played with Wayne Shorter, Trilok Gurtu, Don Byron, Cassandra Wilson and M-Base brilliant saxophonist and composer Steve Coleman in his group Five Elements. not to be confused with the English guitarist David Gilmour of Pink Floyd fame, Gilmore came ver for his first recording as a bandleader and composer in 2000 with ritualism, self-produced and in-house ffentlichten on Kashka Music label.

A guitar quartet, piano / keyboard, bass and drums is the basic unit ritualism. Most of the tracks on the album are angular jazz quartet in this format, but also guest musicians appear on trumpet, alto, tenor and soprano. A trace each with female vocals and m MALE spoken word meat from the rest of the air. The balance of late NATURAL instrumentation on some parts and full Bl Sersektion survey (and / or vocals) for other Sound provides variety in the songs and Gilmore level one, Air Monk “Off Minor”. The track “Confluence” has voice and acoustic guitar sounds very different from the rest of eing Jazz-dependent. Very clever and emotionally, feeling the Ver Change in the air some H Rer lead to continue. However, the spoken word are artistic theme of “musical revolutions” in perfect harmony with the supporting music in the air and goes well with the feel of the rest of the sentence.


As expected from a student of Steve Coleman and M-Base School rhythmically complex jazz composition to music Gilmore moved effortlessly through unstable polyrhythms and syncopation, whose song -title Paradigm shift and Event Horizon. The soloists leave the group, hold the remaining musicians twisting rhythmic ideas in the background. In addition syncope hypnotics, which retain most of the songs still a groove in the inter-head wippeK Heads usually played melodic guitar, piano and guitar doubled. Gilmore has the F Ability to deal with odd meters and syncope. Only the eerie ostinato figure in the Bl Ser in “Elementary” deviates increasingly shrill rhythmic feeling that comes from the extensive throat. Skill Gilmore writes complex rhythms almost matches by his former chief of Coleman Band, a master of polyrhythms store odd meters (for example, on the excellent Steve Coleman and save five elements, the Tao of Mad Phat, which features Gilmore, Gene Lake and Andy Milne). Many Gilmore grooves flowing S easier than training sessions polyrhythmic Coleman, against the Zuh Rer, the melodies train ACCESSIBLE to follow interleaved winding rhythms.

Personnel: David Gilmore Рelectric and acoustic guitars, manufacturer, George Colligan Рpiano and keyboards, Brad Jones Рacoustic bass, drums Rodney Holmes. Guest Artist: Ravi Coltrane- tenor & amp; Soprano saxophone, David Binney Рalto saxophone, Bruce Cox Drums, Imani Uzuri Singing, Sharrif Simmons РSpeech, Ralph Alessi Trumpet, Daniel Moreno РPercussion 

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