David Gilmour Strat Kats

This David Gilmour Strat Kat color cream 1957 Stratocaster Reissue. This guitar was used on the 1984 solo tour to support the album Gilmour About Face and in the first part of the tour 1987-1990 Pink Floyd. Whilst the tour Pink Floyd in 1994, it was used as a replacement guitar. Whilst the Live 8 sidesman series of Pink Floyd played Tim Renwick seen. It has the same configuration as the EMG red ’57 Reissue model. After it has been used for the Live 8, neck cream Stratocaster to main Gilmour Black Strat was transferred.

’57 Lake Placid Blue. (Serial number 0040). The guitar was w During the recording sessions used wall.
Sonic Blue “Eric Clapton” signature Stratocaster with Fender Lace Sensor pickups given Gilmour Fender used most evident in an episode of the French and Saunders. Mark Knopfler used Gilmour EMG way red Strat in the same sketch. Double- Stratocaster neck. Custom made from the guitar body builder Dick Knight and Fender Standard neck.

It was 1959 Stratocaster Sunburst K Body used in 1970 with a 1963 neck with a rosewood fingerboard. This guitar was given by Steve Marriott on Gilmour. Gilmour did not like the guitar enough to use for a long time, but did so well on his neck as the original black Stratocaster and the two were turned on. The Sunburst model was used as a spare and for slide guitar in the following years. And white with white pickguard s. In the 1960s re-used U as a gift from the rest of the band.

used a Gilmour Stratocaster pickup equipped EMG SA on the system Momentary Lapse of Reason recording. Telecaster blond with white pickguard s. On During a tour of the island. 

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