David Gilmour Strat Nos Vs Relic


If you are using m Want, you have to move your hand down to try to catch him. When screwing the arm feels too small for the threaded hole. You almost feel as you go on, when in use. I’m not s R if there is a Special Relic (ie. The representation of wear) Or if I have a problem.

Thanks again, I really be attentive. Yes, I am a big fan he Floyd and CEO. As a student in electronics (VCO working at that ended in some of the early synthesizers), I was part of Floyd Road crew for the first tour of Great Britain DSotM but unfortunately it does not take too long because I d Back to university t.

I had several Strats, the transition Floyd emulated and decided that if the signature is known for a while, but in the end with the two! Apart from being an excellent means they are part of a single phase in the history of rock and a different meaning for me. Co t was high, but only once, and they live is a big Chtnis it for my children and grandchildren his fortune.

With respect to the one I prefer is difficult. While there is little difference in the basic instruments of the parts they play, and somehow different. I think it’s the properties and tolerances, etc. The NSA is down as a beautiful ne tool you are looking almost like playing with gloves on custom hardware feel. wherever the relic almost encourages you give it everything you have. I think that the NSA is a showpiece of the cultural heritage and the relic will be used every day.

The choice between the two, I would say the relic gives me the best to use and sound. It certainly brings memories of Floyd. 


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