David Gilmour Strat Number 1

says Gilmour I told Fender that it’s just a wt Of similar Strat that I bought at (New York guitar shop) Manny, but I must say, they have to create a great job again. “As usual, worked with this type of replica, Fender with Gilmour on his langj Year’s guitar tech Phil Taylor to ensuring that the type Accuracy To Win. The sound of Gilmour guitar – and it is, which is its archetype behind his guitar – the gr te has recently been ever by Guitarist Magazine .

guitarist Mick Taylor editor said: “To 2:37 in 1979 cut Comfortably Numb Pink Floyd, David Gilmour meets a handful of notes to cement their symbiosis with the Fender Stratocaster .

“This guitar was a time in the decision, but it’s great to see how it me Tres Strat with Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Hank Marvin with his name on a guitar Signature Series.”

The attention to detail The Black Strat offers the same maple neck, black pickguard, shortened tremolo arm and custom electronics. The original Gilmour It comes in a black custom case (G & amp; G). With a central pocket, plush and green fodder Fender Custom Shop David Gilmour Model ’embroidery

You will find exclusive video about the making replica Black Strat with Gilmour and Phil Taylor, on the CD-RO M to the M Rz-edition guitar World.Fender David Gilmour NOS Electric Guitar to accompany – Custom artist signature model, the k rpergerecht shaped alder body 1983 narrow shoulders ‘C’ Thomann maple neck shape, with “Skin Thin” dark get nt nitrocellulose lacquer, maple fretboard, 21 vintage frets, 648mm scale, 42 5 mm nut width, vintage hardware, Fender / Gotoh vintage-style tuners, an American Vintage synchronized tremolo with the abgeschr GTEN custom tremolo block, and shortened tremolo, a black acrylic ply pickguard. Thomann Pickups: 1x Custom Shop Fat 50 (neck), 1x Custom Shop 69 (middle) and 1x Seymour Duncan single coils SSL5 (bridge). 5-way switch that contains Lt special black Tolex case and certificate of authenticity. Finish: New Old Stock Black nitrocellulose lacquer .

The Black Strat per Sented on many albums like Pink Floyd Dark Side Of The Moon, Wish You Were Here and The Wall. He also played an r Important in solo projects by David Gilmour, Including Lich LIMITATION without Restrict, His 2006 Number 1 album on It.

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