David Gilmour Stratocaster Ebay


Up for auction is a Gibson Custom Les Paul ’59 RI from 2009. The guitar is a beautiful Scotchburst with a wild bookmatched top that is quite unique. The overall condition is excellent with a few cosmetic flaws-mainly from my sloppy string changing methods. On the headstock face, there is some scratching/hazing around the low E tuning peg. There is also some rubbing off of the Les Paul silkscreen logo and a few other minor surface scratches. There are no dings or scrapes on the headstock-back, face, or edges—just the slight marring mentioned. I tried to get it in a photo, as you have to hold it in a certain light to notice, but it’s there. Also, on the top, there are some tiny indentions in the finish around the bridge/tailpiece area. I just noticed these (there are about 10 or 12) while polishing the guitar for auction. You can only see them up close and at certain well lit angles. The guitar has NO buckle rash on the back, just some light surface marks. There are no dings or big scrapes/scratches anywhere on the neck, top, sides, or back. No worming or checking, just the usual polish swirls and some hazing where my arm rests on the top. A good wax/swirl remover will take it right out. I replaced the factory ABR-1 bridge with a Tone Pros locking AVR-1, but I will include the original in the sale. The original bridge is one without the retainer wire, and the saddles don’t sit very tight, so they will fall out while changing strings. The TonePros is definitely a step up. The guitar has a big, comfortable neck that’s straight and stiff, and the frets show VERY little wear and have plenty of life in them. Weighing in at around 8.7 lbs. , this Lester is no boat anchor, and is nicely balanced, as well. There are no issues sonically–this baby screams when you need it to, and cleans up like a good Les Paul should—a great sounding guitar.

The original black Gibson Custom case is in excellent condition, and the COA and case candy is all included–except for the strap and cord–they are gone… I have tried to be as thorough as possible in my description of this beautiful guitar, but feel free to ask any questions. This is a GREAT guitar that has been lovingly played and is going to make someone very happy. There is a reserve price, but it is a fair one for this killer instrument.

This auction is for the cont. US only. Thanks for looking…

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