David Gilmour Strat Pack

You might have noticed it mentioned here recently. Great timing by Sky Arts, because, if you’re in the UK, you can see David’s performance at the Strat Pack concert on TV tonight.

The 2004 benefit – available on DVD as ‘The Strat Pack: The 50th Anniversary of the Fender Stratocaster’ – was in aid of
Nordoff-Robbins, the UK’s largest provider of music therapy.

The concert alone raised some £175,000 for the charity and the DVD is very reasonably priced, if you’d like to help further – hint, hint.

Shot in high definition and recorded/mixed in full surround sound (in part by David), David performed ‘Marooned’, ‘Coming Back To Life’ and ‘Sorrow’. He even used his much-desired 0001 Strat.

That’s Sky Arts, channel 267, at 23:25 (UK) tonight.

It’s also available in HD on channel 268, and is repeated on both channels on Tuesday morning.

If you could organise a two-and-a-half hour celebration of Fender’s finest, who would you call, how long would you give them, and what would they play (songs andinstruments, if you’re feeling really imaginative)?

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