David Gilmour Strat Parts

I bought the ’62 Hot Rod neck. I have a ’57 Hot Rod alder body, and perfectly equipped. This pass has the form “C”, but “thicker than stock,” says Fender. I love him. Plus, this pass has “radius I prefer, not the 7.25” 9.5 like David. This pass also has the nitro finish, but is a bit faster than my previous ’57 neck. This pass is a bit broken, so I am s R, which is the reflexion behind it.

TIP: Sometimes it’s nice n to use some baby powder on your neck when sticky. Did you know that the baby powder In Norway, k Can you call it something else. Using billiards players on queues to, for the same reason. After the neck gets some wear, k You can use it less often or not at k Can.

I would anyone create a replica, try using parts of the Fender Hot Rod series will recommend. You are what is called Fender The standard half American and half Fender Custom Shop “. You are able to good deals on these parts of the stratosphere Re available on eBay. I have both a ’57 neck ‘V’ and ‘thickness 62 C’ and the two pieces better than any Fender neck I tried to used with the exception of “V” neck and neck Clapton’s “C” on the 1960 Custom Shop Strat. I live a mile from a popular Fender distributor (Sweetwater Sound), and have a friend in the receiving department works when I return ois often try many new guitars.

Like you, I prefer the look of aged white on My Black Strat. I use a modified S-1 switch for my bridge / switch throat and S-1 switch only in Black and White Coming years, making it a good bonus. Not to mention, my pickups are Duncan Antiquity and Older. I know not like push / pull-T heads, because you turn slightly tend to move up or push it down so that the S-1 is a perfect L sung, and you do not have to have pick guard mod ever for them.


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