David Gilmour Strat Photo

’52 Reissues caramel with black pick guard. Is between 1987 and 1995. The first guitar was optimized Stripped D pleased t of a standard agreement and has been used for “Run Like Hell”. The second served as a hedging instrument, and had a regular guitar tuner strength. Gilmour has used this guitar for Astronomy Domine.
’59 Telecaster with sunburst ash body, white binding to the K body, rosewood fingerboard, and a white pickguard it. A Gibson humbucker was briefly placed in the neck position, but it was removed before it was used in the animal registration sessions. Recently at the rehearsals for the tour to a See that.’61 Telecaster w While the wall of the recording sessions. also live in post-Waters ra used for “Run Like Hell”. Load on the Syd Barrett memory concert in 2007

1960 of faded brown body K Seen. Used at the end 1960s.1960s blond ash body with white pickguard s. This was the main Gilmour guitar in his first year with Pink Floyd, but it was lost by an airline in 1968, after which Gilmour to buy the Telecaster.
Esquire ’55 Sunburst K Body brown faded also known as “The Tele colleagues.” Neck pickup was added. Whilst the shots for his first solo album and used to see on the back of his second solo album, and Used in the wall of the recording sessions and the subsequent end of the tour.

It is also apparent when Gilmour performed with Paul McCartney in the late 1990s th, the concert in honor of Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller and Elvis Tribute AOL on the song not both in 2001.


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