Pickups In David Gilmour Strat



David Gilmour is recognized the world over for his revolutionary and incomparable sound which he has used to great effect both with Pink Floyd and as a solo artist. When you hear the tones coming out of his red Strat® you are hearing him play his signature EMG Pro Series system, the EMG-DG20. This set utilizes our ivory alnico loaded SA single coils, an EMG-EXG guitar expander for tonal girth and an EMG-SPC presence control to enhance the Strat earthiness, all prewired onto a custom 11-hole white pearl pickguard with white knobs. Drop it in and drop out of this plane of reality, you’re going for a ride.

First post. I’m about to get a Clapton Strat, which I prefer for several reasons, and I’m thinking of replacing the stock noiseless pickups with David Gilmour’s black strat’s:

Seymour Duncan SSL-5 (Bridge)
Fender Custom Shop ’69 (Middle)
Fender Custom Shop Fat ’50s (Neck)

Can I just get these and ask my tech to replace the pickups (while keeping the original Clapton circuitry)? As far as I know the mid-boost knob is operational all the time in the Clapton Strat and there’s a battery that runs the boost circuitry. I’m just thinking there may be compatibility issues related to a clash of active/passive pickup configurations. Is that the case?

If you happen to know if that would work, or how to make it work, please drop me a line.

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