David Gilmour Strat Quality

The David Gilmour Strat Quality¬†is signed “TG 6:54,” said Taddeo Gomez refers in June 1954, the K Body a handwritten signature “Mary 28.9.54,” referring to Mary (this might k Very good . be Lemus Mary, Mary used a Fender factory began on Fender in 1954 as an editor and nally a final assembly was Supervisor – Thanks Mike Rego) on September 28, 1954. According to journalist David Mead guitarist, which in the guitar to an article examined in 1995, the effect is K body of ash-Wei even if it Olympic White, appear older light green or even blue-ish in some pictures. The guitar has a hole 1 8-speed gold anodized pickguard plated custom tremolo system and gold output jack and Kluson Deluxe tuners. The pickups seem original Fender in 1954 with a 3-way pickup selector (the selector 5 positions until the mid-70s the surface Che) be.


guitarist David explained rte in 1986 as its H nde onto the guitar “Nally wanted Phil to borrow money to buy a house, so I blackmailed him I said, the only way is that I lent him the money to buy the house if I sold the white Strat e … “. This needs to 1976-1977 Apparently, the guitar had been go Rte originally Leo Fender, who gave (or sold) to Seymour Duncan. Duncan sp Ter sold to Phil in the mid-70s for $ 900.


The guitar had filmed his first appearance on commercials for the first solo album by David in 1978. It is not documented whether it was for the album or not used. However, it needs another brick in the Wall (Part 2), where David used to the rhythm, which is incorporated directly in the office.


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