David Gilmour Red Strat Guitar

Interested in David Gilmour Red Strat Guitar? Why not to order one? This guitar is rare but you can make it in our custom shop and we can make you a perfect guitar in a short time. The price of this guitar is so attractive.

David has always been associated with the Stratocaster and there are always two – black and red. His main guitar for over two decades, the red-defined post-Waters era and occupies a special place in the hearts of many fans. It is also an interesting guitar in terms of Fender history. Although the series was released in 1982 only offered Fender sunburst finish and red and cream colored ’57 David are 1983 models. The body is red alder, while the cream or ash blond – both with nitrocellulose finish.

The function of the guitar 1 January ply white pickguard eight holes, a 3-way pickup selector (we do not know if David replaced his with a 5-way) and a vintage-style synchronized tremolo bridge (with custom 4 25 “David’s tremolo arm). Unlike the original 57, these editions has a maple neck-shaped C. The reason is that Fender did not have a standard set at the time and wanted a reissue that was comfortable to play, even for the new generation of shredders 1980. All guitars has a V in front of the serial number indicating “vintage reissue.” – Note that Phil Taylor refers to David ’57 reissue neck as V57 and not the C-shape that they actually .

The vintage ’57 reissue featured staggered vintage style single coil pickups loosely based on the tone 1954-1957. David is seen with the red Strat and it’s original pickups on some photo shoots about-face, but it seems that he never used the guitar on stage until its performance h Your with the band Bryan Ferry at Live Aid in July 1985. Now he had equipped guitar with active EMG pickups. These are now branded as DG20, but they are actually one of the first single released in 1979. coils EMG EMG feature serve the old EXP boost the bass and treble and controller of the CPS boost midrange for humbuckerish tone. Both control Replaces the tone controls.

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