David Gilmour Red Stratocaster

We also offer the M Possibility of selection of 18 alternatives protection plates are cover with rounded and polished edge of the authentic Black 1 Ply 0.120 “acrylic. This choice alternative pickguard w Re for those who want the brilliant Sound Gilmour, electronics and switching on the mounting mini-switch single system, but do not want the same look & nbsp ;. This custom pickguard assembly does not look like the famous black Strat, it can now be visually composed differently and specifically on Strat style and color theme, but still the same great tone Gilmour en.

Some of the unique features of this meeting is our own custom built Black 1 Ply 0.120 “acrylic cover with rounded and polished edge with implementation of appropriate mini-toggle switch system in the background. The built-in mini-switch switching system is a unique feature that synonymous with the Black Strat & nbsp ;. For our mini-switch panel mounting switches, we use a solid piece custom molded and polished 304 stainless steel, which is strong and slightly below the volume and tone knobs without going through the design changes attachment to Install the required pickguard is in the same style as what you would find on a Fender Custom Shop Gilmour Black Strat. Our entire pickguard no changes body Fender Strat are necessary for the kitchen authentic, it is a drop-in ” unit, which takes about 30-45 minutes on average to install.

The function of the mini-retreat Rocker to make the neck pickup is. With the activation of the mini-toggle switch with the 5-way selector switch to position 1 (bridge pickup), then you have the bridge and neck pickups Selected together Hlt Similar to a Telecaster. & Nbsp; With the activation of the mini-toggle switch when the 5-position switch in position 2 (bridge and middle pickups) and all three microphones Selected same time Hlt. This gives a total of seven unique collection selection. 

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