David Gilmour Settings For Guitar

Keep in mind that all effect settings and setups are based on pictures and video from a certain date and/or interviews and 3rd hand transcriptions that are subject to interpretation. David often make adjustments and may not even be consequent in how he’s using the equipment. This feature should therefore only be used as a guideline for your own setup and not as a gospel. It’s also wise to acknowledge that technique, place and time, studio trickery and who knows what plays a role in David’s tones in addition to the equipment

Big Muff
– sustain 70%, tone 30-40%, volume 50-60%

Pete Cornish ST-2 Treble and Bass Boost
– (mild OD) treble 9:00, bass 12:00, volume 12:00 (o’clock)
– (heavy OD) treble 9:00, bass 12:00, volume 3:00 (o’clock)
Note: The settings are based on the Colorsound Power Booster.

MXR Dynacomp
– output 2:00, sensitivity 10:00 (o’clock)

Electric Mistress
– colour 10:00, range 10:00, rate 10:00 (o’clock)

– volume 100%, intesity 100%, rate 40-50% (chorus mode)

MXR digital delay
– time 370ms with variable feedback and volume
Note: David used many different delay settings on the album and he might also have used different delay units (possibly the Binson) but this setting seem to be the general setting.


Stratocaster, bridge pickup
– rhythm; clean signal with Electric Mistress
– rhythm 2; Muff and Electric Mistress
– solo (clean); clean signal
– solo; Muff with Electric Mistress and mild delay

There’s No Way Out of Here
Stratocaster, bridge pickup
– melody/haronica; Muff
– rhythm; Cornish ST-2 mild boost
– rhythm/chorus-section; Muff and Electric Mistress
– solo; Muff

Cr From the Street
Telecaster, bridge pickup
– main riff; Cornish ST-2 mild boost with slapback echo
– solo/main lead and outtro; Muff with slapback echo
– solo/outtro (3 guitars); Muff and Uni-Vibe

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