David Gilmour Strat Settings

In its current state, the guitar has a Cf Shaped maple neck 1983 Fender, Fender pickups in the neck and in 1971 in the middle and an SSL-1C (SSL-5 prototype) in the bridge. He styles black pickguard and a switch instead of the original 3-Wege-Pickup-5-Wege-switch.In mid 80 ‘David replaced with Fender Strats exhibit all 1957 models. He donated this guitar are Hard Rock Cafe in Dallas, where she was exposed until 1997, when David inquired again. It was used by his engineer Charlie and David Chandler, as it was for the first time after the repair to Pink Floyd Reunion in 2005 played replaced

One of the first images of David with a Telecaster is a shot in the spring of 1967 with Bullitt band (sp Ter to gather on the first solo album by David in 1978). David is seen with an ash body, white en pickguard and rosewood with a blonde Fender in the early 1960s. Guitarist David in July 1995 as it appears on the guitar “(…) my parents gave me a Telecaster for my 21st birthday, which, as I live and work in France.” It’s the same guitar David brought on his accession Pink Floyd in January 1968 and continued w During the spring on an airline lost use guitar on tour in the United States, the band of July.

The back of the album Ummagumma has a Fender Telecaster appears a model of the late 1950s with a K Body and handle natural brown maple. Like many of the Teles David was removed the “lipstick” cover from the neck pickup. The guitar is sp Ter in Paris, France, September 12, 1970, Lyon, France, June 1971 12. David, they have after his white s Telecaster was w During the visit, the group in the United States in July 1968, luckily it lost the only instrument that was not stolen in May 1970 was 

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