David Gilmour Signature Series Stratocaster Guitar


The guitar will be a Signature model of David’s beloved black Stratocaster. This means that the guitar will not be a detailed replica with all the scratches and wounds but it will have the same specs, the 57 neck, the neck/bridge combo pickup switch (at least we hope) and the custom Seymour Duncan pickups. A Tribute model is expected next year.

Originally the guitar had a white pickguard and a late 60′s maple neck with the big headstock. In 1974, David replaced the white pickguard with a black and the black Strat was “born”. Over the years it’s gone through countless changes and the Fender model will be based on the current version, seen on during On an Island tour. Read more about the history of this guitar.

So, will it be worth it? Will you run your shoes off to get one? Well, you decide… Here are some tips on how to make your very own Gilmour replica Strat.

– The body of a black Fender Classic Series 70′s Strat
– The V-shaped ’57 reissue neck of a Fender Classic Series 50′s Strat
– 8 hole 1-ply black pickguard
– Vintage S Model bridge kit from Callaham Guitars (including a shortened tremolo arm)
– A push/pull volume pot or a toggle switch for combining the bridge and neck pickups
– A set up Fender Custom 54 pickups or contact the Seymour Duncan Custom Shop for a replica set of David’s pickups
– A custom Jimi Hendrix replica strap from Jeri Hart Designs to top it off…

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