David Gilmour Signature Series Stratocaster Guitar

BTW, your site is getting better -. Thank you for this[Thanks Fritz! To my knowledge there has never been documented, which is kind of microphones in the Work. He says Duncan wrapped neck custom, but I suppose it was the bridge. Judging by his voice, I think that in the N He a so-called liquidation Nocaster … maybe a little w Warmer. The caramel 52’s and 50’s Custom Shop that he used on the last tour, all microphones actions.

With respect to the use of DG Seymour Duncan pickups, I addressed on page 116 of the book Phil Taylor The Black Strat It is an image of the SD of the bill for Microphones from July 1979 -. That’s when DG ge changed Dimarzio FS-1 in the bridge position to the SD SSL-5, which has remained and is used in the customer Signature Model Shop. As I understand it, the three microphones SSL-1C are found under the name of the SSL. 5 Is that correct

is what about the other two SSL 1C Which SSL-4 Quarter-Pound and SSL-1 standard Were they trying unsatisfactory easily and put c T

The reason I raise this question and ask is that I recently returned U Information that the configuration of the Black Strat in Sleeves and intermediate positions are not, in fact, but the shares Fender Bullet Strat pickups the 1971/2 are most similar Seymour Duncan SSL-1.

a set Lace Sensor Hot Gold for the last two years in my black Strat and what I can say about them is that they are good pickups, but they are not exactly the Gilmourish microphones. Hot Golds are good for more a more modern (though I ran across a video of Gilmour played a Strat for LS Hot Golds responsible when he played for an act without random report). Now I’m in the substitutional Ant Close this through a series of Fender Southwestern for neck and middle and an SSL-5 bridge Lich the construction of the guitar that I wanted.What pickups are available in “The Work” Esquire 1955 Other stations currently using (for example, 1952 Caramel Reissue) have microphones actions or are they Seymour Duncan


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