David Gilmour Signature Stratocaster Guitar

I do not have Phil Taylor contact information, and I have a contact at the Seymour Duncan tried to find that, then …. I thought I throw here.[The Black Strat book clearly shows the images of the ball Strat pickups in the neck and middle position of the Black Strat. I do not go Rt or not seen. The Fender Strats signature feature a 50 FAT neck and a 60-ish mid wound customer end from the specific configuration of David. I have no information on what happened to the SSL4 and SSL1 standard, but I am s R, the David and Phil have tried and are still trying tons of stuff they never use in the end. According to Duncan the SSL1C the ancestor of SSL5 is so I think they are more or less identical.

I am far from an expert on what the DG have or do not use, but live in Richmond, Va. And as a close friend of the artist Lindy Fralin collection, I do of about 1 1 / 2- two years, the original Black Strat pickups came in the Fralin shop named Phil Taylor as the sender, ask a share buy-back. They are used or not is not known, but it is a fact that they are wrapped with a wire material or overcomes 8000, 8000 and 8400. I guess they were sent to Fralin because according to most, he is more familiar with Fender Strat in particular, that most people living today, and I in his hots Cintage my guitar with resitance readings similar to those in the current DG Black Strat: N: 6.0 M: 6.0, B: 6.8 microenvironment RWRP and has the # 42 Formvar wire, with the bridge Low Disk “on, without the high-end and in the middle to st Strengths and smooth bass. Just Google Fralin pickups, visit his website.
Peace, Keith.

I Re bl, I try not to, the messages are redirected, but I just read an interesting article by Roger Mayer, who worked with Hendrix and investment U what he calls the “Ocatavia.” 

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