David Gilmour Steel Guitar

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I always liked the look of Black Strat David – black body and black pickguard – and my first Strat was all black, so I wanted to keep that look. I feel the “C” shaped neck strat better than the form of “V”. I also like the feel and tone sharper than I re Ois the maple neck on my Fender Telecaster slightly better than the darker resonance rosewood handle on my old 80s Strat more. I decided to have my new Strat maple neck / sleeve. Gilmour has used both, but his black Strat now also has a maple neck with a C-shaped neck for pickups, I used bluesy sounding SCN (Samarium Cobalt noisless – discontinued) microphones and Gold Lace Sensors in the past, but I wanted to try something sounding more vintage neck and middle pickups and a hotter bridge closer to what used Gilmour. I liked the blues sounding neck pickup SCN in my purple Deluxe Strat, and I reached a similar tone neck with the neck pickup Lace Sensor in my 80s Strat, but they did not die on the sound I like. I have tried other vintage style pickups, including Gilmour uses.

A very good history of the Black Strat is in the excellent book “The Black Strat – A black history Fender Stratocaster David Gilmour.” By David technology gear, Phil Taylor, published by Hal Leonard Not many guitarists have a book dedicated to one of their guitars, which shows you how special this Strat is especially for many people. It includes the complete history of the guitar and all amendments thereto over the years, a little history on the Pink Floyd, as well as information on other guitars of David. Also Gilmourish.com for info on the Black Strat.¬†

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