Strat David Gilmour Classical Guitar

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The five Deluxe Edition Live in Gdansk discs has “Dominoes” Barrett as the blink of an eye in Gilmour predecessor. For the concert, Gilmour also performed “Astronomy Domine”, a song from 1967 early Floyd, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn. “This is a song from before my time , recognize He,” but it’s a song I performed many times with Pink Floyd first time I joined them and always really enjoyed it. I felt free to dig stuff on our catalog dating back to the early days, to throw in something any time in our history and to have something to show where it fits into what we do now. “

What Gilmour will do is a logical question, but not one himself seems to consider. He is interested in pushing Live in Gdansk and has deliberately not engaged in a discussion about Dark Side of the Moon 35th Anniversary. “You know,” he said, I hate to be reminded of birthdays of my albums. I just know that the record companies and others will want to celebrate by promoting new and try to get, without poor unsuspecting punters go out and buy another copy. “

There have, however, “a lot of material that remains” of a On and continues to write more-some with his second wife, British writer Polly Samson, who co-wrote seven of On a 10 tracks. I had a lot of starting points , says Gilmour. “It usually starts to get the creative juices flowing and then you begin to write new material and away you go. It’s always good to have songs to begin.”¬†

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