Strat David Gilmour Fender 50th Guitar

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Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Fender Stratocaster with a concert featuring some of its greatest practitioners. Unfortunately somewhere between conceptualization and implementation, things were going very badly. Now maybe I am not aware of the logistics required to remove such an event, but even a monkey with a bag over his head could have chosen a better set of names. I will give the organizers of this property, they hit the deck when they landed David Gilmour, easily one of the first guitar gods to be associated with the Strat (or any guitar, btw).

Similarly Gary Moore. Although considered a man Les Paul since 1990, Gary has abused a lot of strats through his days rock discs / metal so it qualifies easily. And to be fair, they had allegedly signed the legendary Jeff Beck and (certainly another one of the largest ever), but somehow managed to lose in the end. From there, things quickly deteriorated to the point of total confusion. Where was Robin Trower He was told he was to stay close to home because of touring costs. And Ritchie Blackmore Could anyone not convince reconnect the one night How about Mark Knopfler Buddy Guy What about young wolves Joe Bonamassa, Chris Duarte, and Kenny Wayne Shepherd Has anyone not think of buying a ticket Eric Johnson Unfortunately, oversights like this make for a show pleased t disappointing. If you are a fan of guitar music game for players looking for strat show you how it’s done, you’ll have to go a lot of junk to get the good stuff. But enough whining;

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