Strat David Gilmour Guitar Chords

Do you like this Strat David Gilmour Guitar Chords? Ti is a good news that this guitar is still available in our custom shop, and we can make it at a cheaper price tan oter shop, what is mire, we can make you a perfect guitar in a short time.

In the most anticipated musical event, the Fender Custom Shop and Gilmour will at last make available just such instrument on September 22, 2008-David Gilmour Signature Series Stratocaster guitar that coincides with the release of three discs of Gilmour Live in Gdansk CD / DVD set. The instrument is based on beloved Black Strat Gilmour and was created by Fender Custom Shop craftsmen to reflect the look, sound and feel of the original instrument.

Gilmour bought the stock original at Manny’s Music in New York in May 1970, in time to use it on the fifth album from Pink Floyd Atom Heart Mother. It quickly became his main guitar onstage and in the studio, and famous, he and longtime guitar Phil Taylor were constantly change the tip and experimentation of his neck, hardware and electronics. The black guitar acquired a black pickguard in summer 1974, and assuming its darkest and most famous incarnation, plus a pseudo-stand the Black Strat.

The Fender Custom Shop worked closely with Gilmour and Taylor in recreating the Black Strat as the new David Gilmour Signature Series Stratocaster. Main features include an alder body, black over Three-color Sunburst finish, a black pickguard, one-piece maple neck right wire, custom pickups and electronics, and a shortened vintage tremolo arm. The guitar will be available in NOS (New Old Stock) and Relic treatments.In addition, the guitar comes with a custom case, a high-end guitar cable evidence, the Live in Gdansk CD / DVD set and Taylor’s 2007 book about the history of the guitar, The Black Strat. The first 500 sold in either finish option will include a limited edition copy of The Black Strat autographed by Taylor.

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