Strat David Gilmour Guitar Collection

The Black Stra David Gilmour Guitar Collectiont is the Fender Stratocaster guitar owned and played by David Gilmour, who is the guitarist of Pink Floyd. If you are looking at it, you can make it in our custom shop  and we are a professional custom shop ,there is reasonable price and the short building time.

This guitar is so unique and associated with Gilmour Phil Taylor, the guitar technician Gilmour, published a book in 2008 called The Black Strat. He details the guitar and its history. I’m using a lot of this information.This Stratocaster was originally completed in three color sunburst, but had been painted black to Manny. There was also a large Fender headstock.Gilmour be a little handy, since the guitar has undergone countless changes externally and internally. & Nbsp; Gilmour still supports this guitar. Fender borrowed for their Custom Shop David Gilmour model.The first time Gilmour used the guitar was in 1970 in Bath Festival.Gilmour bought this guitar the same year Manny’s Music in New York to replace a Stratocaster that was stolen during ‘ a tour.

During the 1970s, Gilmour often put their necks between maple and rosewood Fender Strat necks.In 1971 Gilmour replaced the volume knob with a button Telecaster. The change did not last long. It replaced the original volume knob.Sometimes Gilmour in 1972 and installed XLR connector for the guitar input to reduce the buzz generated by the Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face distortion pedal. The david gilmour guitar techniques guitar signal was drastically reduced so that reinstalled the original inch entry. During those years, he also replaced the tuners guitar with Klusons.

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