Strat David Gilmour Guitar Equipment

We are a professional custom shop and we can make you all kinds guitars including Strat David Gilmour Guitar Equipment according to your demands. The price is reasonable and you can get a dream guitar in a short time.

The neck and bridge are on the black Strat pickups that came with the guitar, but the bridge pickup is a custom pickup that rolled especially for David Seymour, an overwound version of SSL-1. The recovery of this guitar has been called a “SSL-1C” (with permanent measure C), but the microphone is finally put into production as SSL-5. Put the SSL-5 in your guitar is a surefire way to make a step towards Gilmour sound. In fact, even if you are not chasing her tone, it’s a great pick-up in its own right that everyone should try. If you want flat pole pieces for rays modern twist then you should go for SSL-6, or if you like a silent pickup, STK-S6 is version Stack Plus.

The other unusual thing about all this is that the three things the wound are slightly thicker. This gives them a little more resistance by digging hard in the agreements, and a little more punch when you get them in the work progresses. The set does not feel unbalanced in the way that some games may hybrid class, and it’s very comfortable to play.┬áIt is difficult to find information about what picks David uses – in fact, he seems to change his mind a lot. My only advice would be to not use one that is too soft, you have to be able to dig a lot.

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