Strat David Gilmour Guitar Lessons Dvd

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David guitar collection includes several elements sought after, a high price. In an interview with guitarist in 1986, David says that her first collection was a Gibson television, he bought during the visit of Pink Floyd to the states in October 1970. The jewel however is the Fender Stratocaster with the # 0001 serial number.

The neck is signed “TG 6.54”, referring to Taddeo Gomez in June 1954 and the body has a handwritten signature “Mary 9/28/54” referring to Mary (this could very well be . Mary Lemus, Mary used a Fender factory started working at Fender in 1954 as an editor, eventually becoming a final assembly supervisor – thank you Mike Rego) 28. September 1954. According to journalist David Mead Guitarist, which examined the david gilmour ultimate guitar to an article in 1995, the body of ash is white effect even if it may seem older Olympic White, pale green or even blue-ish on some pictures. The guitar has a hole 1 8-ply gold anodized pickguard plated custom tremolo system and gold output jack and Kluson Deluxe tuners. The pickups seem to be original Fenders 1954 with a 3-way pickup selector (the selector 5 positions did not surface until the mid-70s).

Guitarist David explained in 1986 how he got his hands on the guitar: “Finally, Phil wanted to borrow money to buy a house, so I blackmailed him I said the only way is that I lent him the money to buy the house, if sold me the white Strat … “. This david gilmour guitars used must have been around 1976 to 1977. Apparently, the guitar had originally belonged to Leo Fender who gave (or sold) to Seymour Duncan.

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