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“I’ve been working with David Gilmour for over 20 years and we’ve exchanged very few cross words during that time,” says guitar tech Phil Taylor. “David is very easygoing, but he expects things to be right — and he is used to them being right.” With his soft voice and thoughtful expression, Taylor seems more like a gentleman’s gentleman than your typical rock technician. But his efficient, no-nonsense manner makes it clear why he has remained a valued member of the Pink Floyd camp for two decades. “I’m actually Pink Floyd’s only full-time technician,” Taylor continues. “In addition to maintaining Dave’s equipment on the road, I designed and maintain his recording studio.”

I built my own black Strat, rather than paying t 4K for editing collectors. My feeling is that the guitar of David (or even aesthetic clone) will never really be my guitar. So I have a MIM I worked more relicized and personalized with the same pick-up assembly (switch over), and it screams. I called Pedro. You can get a pickup set pre-wired with the same microphones and the wiring diagram that the wing reissue (CS fat 50, 69, five bridges SSL) . And it’s really too quiet, no hum. Have you worked with a good luthier and I paid 500 to 600 dollars. david gilmour wish you were here guitar tab’s really all I’ll ever need. Big tone! Clip it to a tube amp and your beautiful on the heart dark side of the moon!

I’ve waited years for this guitar to be released and its finally here. Not only this guitar looks amazing, but it plays like heaven. The neck is fast and smooth and microphones will give you all tone pink floyd more I scratched the surface of the possibilities of beauty. If it comes with is also top notch with a custom logo stitched with nearly two feet of storage space. The finish is amazing, I NOS and could not be happier. Sorry if this review is kind of short, random but I really could not list all the great things abut this strat. Bottom Line If you like Pink Floyd, music, and the quality of their is no better guitar.¬†

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