David Gilmour Stratocaster 50th Anniversary

Having said that, I am still in complete awe of what I just experienced. I would be incredibly grateful if DG came on stage, twanged a single string and walked off. So having him stand there and play 3 full-version Floyd songs right there in front of me was just mindblowing. At several points during the songs I had tears in my eyes.

On a funny note, I noticed that at the beginning of the show, when the list of names were read out, David got more cheers and applause than all of the other names put together! It was clear who the majority of the audience had come to see! And also, when he finally came on stage, at least 10 or 20 people ran down the aisle and sat kneeling (almost in prayer position!!) watching David play. And nobody told them to get up or leave, because I think the entire arena was just in awe of the world’s greatest guitarist.

David joined all the other guitairsts on stage for the final song (he was just playing simple chords, as were all the other 20+ guitarists, Ronnie Wood was singing and playing.)Former Roxy Music guitarist Phil Manzanera comes on for a rousing rendition of ‘6PM’. Wearing a sharp cut tie-less suit he energetically leads the band before being joined by former Pink Floyd man David Gilmour. Gilmour joined Pink Floyd in 1968 replacing Sid (sic) Barrett. This is a moment that the majority of the vast crowd have been waiting for. He was due to play the first Stratocaster made (#001) which he owns, but nothing was made of it if he did. Although he did change from a very old looking white guitar after the first song. First up is ‘Marooned’ from the album ‘Division Bell’, which reached the top spot on the Billboard charts for 4 weeks in 1994. Gilmour’s classic lead guitar melodies sitting atop drifting keyboards is well received as he journeys through ‘Coming Back To Life’ and ‘Sorrow’. It may be a bit self-indulgent to the uninitiated but surely that’s what the crowd has come to see. Guitar solos, classic songs & rock genius.

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