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Bill Carson (1926-2007), a country and western guitar by Fender as credited The man for whom the Stratocaster was developed. “Eric Clapton (born 1945), a Grammy-award-winning nth guitarist who originally played Gibson guitars, but was an avid Stratocaster since 1967. Clapton bought his first Stratocaster this year, w While a member of the cream , chocolate cake, which was then used to “Layla”. [15] Blackie, a composite of three different guitars, put into operation in 1970 and has been regularly ig until his retirement in 1985. He was to charity auction for $ 959,500 in 2004, was sold in 1988 Fender played pr sented the Eric Clapton Stratocaster, the first model of the Signature Series. Clapton is a langj hriger customer of the Fender Custom Shop.

Ry Cooder (born 1947), guitarist , S singer and songwriter, who is also for known his interest in American folk music, working with other notable musicians, and his work on numerous movie soundtracks. bottleneck slide guitar playing Cooder to these works as the soundtrack to the 1984 film Paris, Texas geh rt, has influenced other guitarists such as Bonnie Raitt and Chris Rea and contributed to the popularity is t the Stratocaster as slide guitar. [16] It uses a 60 Stratocaster for such a game.

Robert Cray (born 1953), a time of blues guitarist and S Nger in time, Cray plays a ’64 Strat and had made his own signature model 1990 signature model of the Fender Custom Shop produced, combines aspects ’59 Strat Cray and ’64, l sst the Standard Stratocaster vibrato bar and includes custom pickups
Dick Dale (born 1937), one of the first owners of a Stratocaster. his was him personally by Leo Fender in 1955. Considered the surf-rock pioneer given. It was revolutionary r in experimenting with the sound of the guitar with heavy reverb and a unique way of playing.

The Edge (born 1961), U2 guitarist for his play and the use of melodic sp T known Edge uses the Stratocaster as one of his main guitars throughout his career this is a standard Fender Stratocaster Made in Mexico, than from a local builder follows ge was changed. & Nbsp; EMG David Gilmour. It is a great update it. & Nbsp; Battery is easily train ACCESSIBLE thanks to the plastic plate on the back. Mint Green Guard Pick & nbsp. , Global relic finish & nbsp; Gibson-type buttons. & Nbsp; Case is striped and shows rust, but a good business Fit Fender used without gr ere problems. Gro E guitar plays and sounds just great.

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