David Gilmour Stratocaster Overall

Close your david gilmour stratocaster thinline the routing template with a pick guard fra Mation defeat nor between trapped. & Nbsp; Set photo pickguard in the presentation of the first pickguard was run at the new routing template, and it turned out to be perfect. & Nbsp; All my calculations and measurements were used to create this template worked exactly as planned and produced the desired L Nge & nbsp slot. This new routing template is a dream to use in the delivery of these locations for the toggle switch down, there is no R Tselraten, everything is safe and the slot will not be generated with a fixed length L 0.300 “and the width of the Knives 0125 .

When I decided to start from the sale of this mini built-in switch this pickguard, switches passed I thought it was better to have a new and refined to make routing template to optimize the process and to eliminate a large number of variables s, which can be easily implemented with my original and routing very basic template k Nnten. The original template worked well for my first pers nliches project, but the C is so much better and more accurate work for small batch production.
c back of the pickguard with custom stainless steel mini-switch mounting bracket slides into position / location as it is assembled and strength and tone knob set with the Volume.  After the construction of mini-switch panel mounting all edge switches were cleaned / grinding all edges and corners by filing and landed B Ll projection, which produces the dull, flat and smooth. I chose stainless steel for this installment is the rigidity and the F Ability to stay clean and will not rust or oxidize over time, as the iron steel would be added to use.

E Bl Besides, I had some great straighteners, this steel material stainless steel in the shop of an unprecedented project report (Dunkelkammerk Body). & Nbsp; The thickness of the disk is 0.030 “, the heads of each of the two Befestigungskn to erm always plenty son by the pickguard for proper mounting with fixing nuts without versions of the long shaft potentiometers forth glicht & nbsp;. The above photo first mini- Switch flush mounted rocker that I made, and it was after the final sanding and dep t from around Now I’ve polish with a buffer instead blasted. ball projection, the end result is not as gray matte and flat in appearance, they now have a beautiful NEN gloss

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