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In 1982, Fender introduced fender david gilmour comfortably numb group of employees and investors Fender bought the company in 1985 to revive CBS owned largely lacking in leadership understands the hardware of Music and Musicians. After the takeover Fender originally built their instruments in factories overseas, the F abilities which to create instruments had to meet company standards.version of the product in his Stratocaster Squier brand division of derivative instruments price Leistungsverh to create Ratio. Originally built in Japan, it has become one of the company’s most successful models. Since then, Fender Stratocaster in Korea, Indonesia and China made to tools that preserve the heritage and quality Tsstandards Fender, w While it is very affordable.

Later, in 1985, the Fender flagship plant began production in Corona, California. This was two years sp Ter followed by He Opening of the second plant in North America in Ensenada, Mexico. In the same 1987 Fender Custom Shop was worshiped launched and started building some of the most beautiful Stratocaster ever.

Since Fender Stratocaster continue to reconsider the flagship, the introduction of dozens of models with unique abilities F And cosmetics. However, the essential form, playability and sound of the Strat remains Invariant changed six decades sp Ter. & Nbsp;

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the Stratocaster series and many models available today. While browsing the huge collection of musician friend of Strats, we hope this guide a useful companion to sort all the details .interest to show you it is not another Warmoth neck or Mighty Mite … 

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