david gilmour stratocaster specs

David Gilmour and the Fender Custom Shop are very proud to be one of the most anticipated guitar ever l sen – David Gilmour Signature Series Stratocaster. Famous Black Strat ” Gilmour guitar was a cornerstone of his Pink Floyd on Dark Side of the Moon pr Sented widely, Wish You Were Here, Animals, The Wall and his critically acclaimed 2006 solo it. The Fender Custom Shop worked closely with Gilmour and his langj year’s guitar technician, Phil Taylor, for his signature model, a reproduction of the Black Strat complete with its unmistakable look, sound and feel. With a surface che nitrocellulose lacquer black, alder body with a black pickguard, one-piece maple neck, custom pickups and electronics Gilmour own distinctive and vintage tremolo shortened arm, the Signature Series Stratocaster David Gilmour is also sch n, strong, and that the individual game Gilmour. In addition, the guitar with a custom case, Evidence Audio coming Cable upscale guitar, three live CDs in the package / DVD Gdansk CD and a copy of Taylor’s book, The Black Strat. Gilmour

Custom Stainless Steel Recessed Mini-Toggle Switch Mounting Bracket:  For mounting the recessed mini-toggle switch for turning on or off the neck pickup. We serial number each pickguard assembly and it is stamped permanently into this bracket. The serial number is sequentially incremental and represents the total number of these Black Strat pickguard assemblies that have been built to date.

Mini-Toggle Switch Recessed In Pickguard:  This is what could be considered “The Gilmour Mod”. It activates the neck pickup and is intended to be used when the 5-way switch is in positions 1 or 2.  This expands the standard 5 pickup selections to 7.

Volume and Tone Control Potentiometers:  We use CTS 450G series 10% tolerance potentiometers for our volume and tone controls as long as you don’t select the “No-Load” option for the tone controls.  If you select the “No-Load” tone control potentiometers then we install Fender packaged CTS No-Load potentiometers, item #099-0832-000 for both the tone controls.

Pickup Selector Switch:  CRL 5-Way. Probably the best 5-way selector switch available, made in the USA.

Mounting Screws:  We include enough screws for an entire Strat to mount the pickguard, output jack plate and tremolo cover plate. 19 screws if you order an 11 hole pickguard assembly or 16 screws if you order an 8 hole pickguard.

Tremolo Cover Plate:  The style included with your particular pickguard assembly will depend on your Accessories Color selection. White and Aged White will be 1 ply with six individual holes for the strings to pass through, where the Parchment, Black and Combination will be 3 ply and have the single rectangular slot for the strings to pass through. This is also known as the back plate.

Switchcraft USA ¼” Mono Output Jack.

Set of GHS Boomers David Gilmour Signature Series Strings (Blue set for Strat).


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