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David Gilmour Candy Apple Red Strat

You are bidding on a Candy Apple Red ‘David Gilmour style’ Stratocaster. This was put together for me with top quality parts and the workmanship is superb as can be seen in the photographs. Condition is amazing with very little signs of being played.

It will be shipped strung with D’Addario EXL120 strings.

The details are :

Body: Stratocaster style, solid wood with correct contouring. Very tidy single coil routing which has been coated properly with appropriate guitar shielding paint. Gorgeous Candy Apple Red metallic finish. Fitted with chrome strap buttons.
Neck: Very high quality Squier maple neck with good grain pattern, 21 vintage style frets & 12” radius fretboard. This was taken from a 1998 “Crafted in Korea” Squier Stratocaster so quality of wood and workmanship is superb. D shaped chunky profile. No fret wear.
Chrome ‘button’ style tuners and chrome string tree. Second string tree hole is filled to give a more authentic ‘Gilmour’ look .
Bridge: chrome vintage style bridge & tremolo with genuine Fender stamped vintage rolled saddles, 2 1/16ths. Chrome tremolo arm with white tip.

Pickups & Electrics: single coil ceramic bar magnet pickups, fitted with closed white covers to give that Gilmour EMG look, 250k CTS pots, good quality 5 way switch.
Modded to allow mid pup tone control to also give tone control on the bridge pup, orange drop cap, all put together with vintage style waxed wiring. New white control knobs & switch tip.

Pickguard & Backplate: 8 hole ‘50s style single ply white.

If you require any more photos or info please do not hesitate to contact me.

Will be fully protected when shipped.
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David Gilmour Candy Apple Strat


avid has always been associated with the Stratocaster and there’s always been two – the black and the red. His main guitar for over two decades the red defined the post-Waters era and holds a special place in many fans’ hearts. It’s also an interesting guitar in terms of Fender’s history.

Just prior to David’s upcoming 1984 About Face tour, he and Phil Taylor went to Fender’s London Warehouse and bough a bunch of new Strats because David didn’t want to travel with his old instruments that were beginning to rise in value (International Musician August 1984). Different sources says different numbers but it seems that they bought about six guitars. These included one fiesta red 1983 ’62 reissue with white pickguard and a rosewood neck, two cream colored 1983 ’57 reissues with maple neck and white pickguard (listed as Vintage White in the catalogue) and a couple of candy apple red 1983 ’57 reissues with white pickguard and maple necks. They also managed to get their hands on an additional candy apple red in a secondhand store in Chandlers, UK. The guitar had once belonged to Mick Ralphs, which played rhythm guitar on David’s 1984 About Face tour (Guitarist 1995). It’s interesting to note though, that the red ’57s was never used on the About Face tour, just the ’62 and cream ’57.