David Gilmour Telecaster Guitar

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Although David is primarily associated with the Stratocaster, it has always been a big fan of Telecaster. His first guitar “Floyd” was a Telecaster and over the years, David has recorded and performed many songs with this classic guitar.

One of the first pictures of David using a Telecaster is a shot from the spring of 1967 with Bullitt band (later to gather on the first solo album of David in 1978). David is seen with a blonde Fender early 1960 with an ash body, white pickguard and rosewood handle. Guitarist David said in July 1995 how he got the guitar “(…) my parents gave me a Telecaster for my 21st birthday, which was when I was living and working in France.” It’s the same guitar David brought with him on his accession pink Floyd in January 1968 and continued to use throughout the spring to an airline lost guitar on the band’s tour of the United States July.The first TV appearance of David with Pink Floyd on the show button Red (TV fran Ease), 20 February 1968, a second Telecaster, identical to the main guitar is considered backed David amp. It was the guitar Syd David borrowed for a while until Syd claimed it back in the Saucerful of Secrets recording sessions later this spring.

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