The Black Strat David Gilmour

Gilmour e doll bought the guitar, a 1969 model with a touch of maple cap and large in 1970 by Manny in New York, he bought one Similar guitar a few weeks tt replace that had been stolen , The Black Strat was originally a sunburst color, but had black painted Manny. Since then, it has many Ver Changes undergone (see below) and still exists today, widely cited as his favorite guitar. He’s still in the majority of current performance used

Whilst the 1970s Gilmour alternating with maple neck and rosewood fretboards on the Stratocaster. In 1972, Gilmour installed an XLR connector to eliminate the hum of his Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face; However, it was quickly removed. He also replaced the tuners with original Kluson tuners. In 1973, Gibson PAF humbucker one was installed between the bridge and the intermediate positions of the Strat, but it was in the original single coils and put them in the black pickguard sp Ter. In 1976, the original micro-bridge with a DiMarzio FS-1 was replaced. This was in turn replaced by a Seymour Duncan SSL1C. In the 1980s he replaced the bridge with a Kahler tremolo system. He also replaced the original tremolo arm shortened.david gilmour the black strat book.

1986 Gilmour three guitar candy apple red Stratocaster replaced with EMG pickups for tours and a Stratocaster cream for samples w During the post-Roger Waters era for display at the Hard Rock Cafe retire in Dallas, Texas.

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