David Gilmour The Black Strat

Now as to how I decided to do my own Black Strat, started from the moment I decided to start playing the guitar. Long story short, Gilmour fascinated me with his large tone and expression that sings right into the soul. I had to have that sound and the only way so is to get one of Fender’s Custom Shop DG Black Strat. Being that i’m a R&D Technician, facing new challenges is what I love to do most. So over a year and a half ago, I picked up Phil Taylor’s The Black Strat and deemed this my Bible until completion. It was soon after that I decided to take on the challenge of building an exact copy of the famous Black Strat, reborn in brand new fashion.By using parts of today, this will be the beginning of what will be a beautiful relationship. For a more personal touch, my Black Strat will be nicknamed “Jewel”. It has been over a year and a half since I decided to take on the project and it has been an interesting one at that! At the moment I am in process of assembling all components before the full assembly, but time will be needed to do a full setup. I’ll start off with all components used in the build, including details and pictures, with a post dedicated to each item. Thereafter,  I’ll go in detail of assembling parts and customizing each component to the Black Strat specs, alongside tips and step-by-steps on assembling the guitar. I’m pretty excited as to how this will all turn out and to hear from those interested in building one as well!  On the left hand side, titled “Black Strat Build List” is each of the items and process of how I went through on this build. When an event occurs, this post will be replaced momentarily with the post at hand. So stick around and follow me on this special build of my David Gilmour’s Black Strat, nicknamed “Jewel”.

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