David Gilmour The Fender

Ready David Gilmour The Fender  with Gilmour Black  Strat Style pick guard our entire top installed.Depicted have the M Possibility the old measuring green Wei with letters and set number button parchment pickup covers, edge switches and the parchment Bl You LEAVES advanced tremolo arm. & Nbsp; This is it Reunion typical color and accessories r style is the same as what. on the Fender Custom Shop Relic Strat Black

& nbsp; Pickguard Assembly Description Each component of our Gilmour Black Strat style skid plate assembly has been studied in detail to give you an authentic set of correct decisions for collecting high-quality workmanship in unique ma Tailored Black 1 Ply 0,120 give “Acrylic rounded and polished pickguard edge with the implementation of the proper installation of mini-toggle switch system. & nbsp; We build high quality components such as Fender, Seymour Duncan, DiMarzio, CTS and LCR each hand assembled Orange Drop capacitors Sound & nbsp; possibilities .. We also offer a range of alternative Anpassungsm, to the original design to improve your overall pickguard without that e Gilmour Your large

With this purchase the item, you will receive a set of complete pickguard with genuine Fender Custom Shop, Seymour Duncan DiMarzio pickups or your choice with everything assembled, wired and’m there Tet, ready to drop, you get your favorite Strat the audio and earth by simply hooking up son. & Nbsp; Includes pick-up, Kn Heads, switch tip, tremolo cover plate and lever tip can be as wei , parchment, aged wei , black or a combination of parchment and age Wei wt hlt are (described in detail below below), and all are genuine Fender accessory r. We z Choose to Gilmour measurement 4- style of our own manufactured “Vibrato arm with a number of GHS Boomers David Gilmour Signature Series Strings, a cover plate Fender tremolo, a quarter of a US switch high quality T” output jack with fixing screws.

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