David Gilmour Strat Truss

Seymour Duncan SSL-five personalized Staggered Pickup / Fender Custom Shop / Custom ’69 collection Middle / 50s Fender Custom Shop Fat neck pickup
& nbsp; Black 1 Ply 0090 “11 Hole Pickguard (Custom sent Mini Toggle) / Fender Accessory Kit (white) / Fender Vintage Strap Buttons / Fender 5-way pickup selector / CTS Potentiometer 250K Tone Control” no load “(cone audio) [crowd 2] / CTS 250k Volume rkeregler Potentiometer (Audio Taper) /0.022 uF 100 V 225 Series Polyester Sprague Orange Drop capacitors Tone [Volume 2] / H hen-pass filter (filter drain alias H hen)
SPDT Mini Rocker / GHS Boomers 10-48 David Gilmour Signature Series Strings / 2008 Fender / SKB hardshell case / copper conductive adhesive foil shield / Nose Piece Dremel Anh nge for routing (Craftsman # 53141) / Hi-Speed 1 / 8 “straight bit (Craftsman # 53090) / custom routing switch Mini Jig for mounting steel receiver hole Sto s / Custom Stainless Steel mini-toggle switch mounting Jack / tremolo cavity cover Support / Other topics skid plate / screws & amp output; Felt discs.

electronics parts pickguard and all arranged before assembly components. & Nbsp; Seymour Duncan SSL-5 Custom staggered pickup, Fender Custom Shop Fat ’50s pickups (neck), Fender Custom Shop ’69 Custom pickups (middle), 10-48 GHS Boomers strings Fender Kit accessories R , completely black white 1 ply 0090 “black vinyl pickguard (with tarpaulins yet clearly defined) Fender 5-way pickup selector switch, CTS 250k discharged two tone controls, a 250k CTS volume knob, Custom stainless steel mounting bracket for the mini switch recessed Knee, Mini Toggle Switch SPDT (neck / bridge pickup mod), the tone capacitor & nbsp; .. I swapped the wei e “Seymour Duncan” with money logo’ed pickup cover, actions en Fender came on the SSL-5 with a normal white in the past section & nbsp;. because each Custom Shop Fat ’50s pickups in all three are the resistance and inductance t of the various designated collection neck (blue dots) was used only on this set for my neck pickup & Nbsp. ; All three microphones in personalized Custom Shop ’69 pickups are all the same resistance and inductance t so that it makes no difference that was used for the micro-environment.
ma Tailored routing template / guide (acrylic glass) for the exact routing small hole located in pickguard for Mini used Fitting & nbsp switch. With the rotary tool with connected routing based on clear Breakfast sschablone erm Glicht no lateral movement of the rotary tool, it erm Resembled Vorw RTS and Rev rtsbewegung Is required to create the slot. & Nbsp; Pickguard is in place in sandwich between two pieces of 3/16 “7” x 10 “acrylic sheets (free radicals to a local Tap Plastics) held in place with four # 6-32 screws are kept align with two of the Befestigungsl Holes extent Pickguard screws and two of the Aufnahmebefestigungsl cher & nbsp;. In the two sheets of clear acrylic, there is a “hole 3/4, where the slot must be laid so as to access the routing tool on the heart upper bracket and released by let down one side. & Nbsp; The template itself is made of 1/2 “acrylic square bars and in place on the top sheet of acrylic with held” cement, “as a binder, L Semittel type that has the consistency of water and has a hypo type applicator & nbsp applied ;. The link is that the acrylic cement products such as acrylic themselves buchst so much for them bleached fuses / along merge the two pieces.

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