Used David Gilmour Black Strat For Sale




I give them an excellent rating. They do last a long time, and they do not seem to alter in tone and get that “muddy” sound when they’re aging. In fact, I’d say they actually do manage to approach David Gilmour’s tone at times! I could barely believe that, of course, but after playing hard for a few hours, I actually said to myself the phrase: “Wow, that sounded like David Gilmour somewhat.” So, the fact that that occurred without me actually thinking about Pink Floyd or Gilmour and just being lost in the playing says a lot, because I then realized I had strung up the guitar with the strings that day. Get them if you like Gilmour. I’m hard on pricing, usually, but I say these are priced decently for their effectiveness.

Many guitar player’s, rightly, think, oh, they just use, easy, to bend strings!! jimmy page uses, super- slinky, earny ball strings!!that’s not, always, the case. These, guitarists, acually use a multitude, of string combinations. Alex Lifeson, always uses, Dean Markely strings – 09-48!!OR, 09-46, customisted!!This, is all, airy-fairy noncense!!Find, a set that works for you, no matter what, people tell you. If you want, beauitiful tone, get it with your fingures!! However, these, like anything, great artists, are involved in, are, the best strings, available!!–You won’t be dis-appointed!!! Top quality!!

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