David Gilmour Strat Wiring

Hello everyone… I am working on a David Gilmour project and it calls for a single-throw mini-toggle to activate the neck pickup at different positions in the 5-way switch.

The main issue is that the DG strat uses a recessed switch (mounted from under the pickguard) for this purpose. This is a real PIA for a project. I did find a place that will sell the bracket and routed pickguard for $92 shipped (yes, $92!!!!) but that is waaay too expensive for a simple 1-ply pickguard IMO.

So… I’ve been looking at possible solutions. I can simply mount the mini-toggle on the pickguard with a nut (normal installation), I can create my own device to mount the switch under the guard, or I can possibly use a push-pull pot – I THINK!

My question to everyone is, can I use a Push-pull pot for this wiring? I believe the P/P is a double-throw switch and the Gilmour wiring calls for a single-throw. What is the difference? Can I use just one side of the p/p to get the same result? I think it would be a neater look to use the push-pull instead of mouting another switch.

His is a diagram of the wiring.

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